About Us

What we Offer

Hood Cleaning is your local, reliable and trusted professional cleaning service providing the top standard of house and office cleaning. We offer you a variety of cleaning services that match your specific needs and wishes. Our employees are insured and fully trained for each cleaning type.

Our flexible hours allow us to provide the best customer satisfaction possible. Furthermore, our prices are competitive and we aim to be the best commercial hood cleaning company in Scarborough. Our clients are always satisfied with our cleaning services, which is proof that you can rely on us.

Our policy

Our policy of absolutely no hidden costs means that you will never have to worry about any additional expenses. And with Scarborough Hood Cleaning, you are not just getting a commercial cleaning service; we provide peace of mind and more!

To assure you are receiving our best services, we have always been referred by satisfied clients who know that Scarborough Hood Cleaning can be depended on to provide top quality service.

Besides the impeccable commercial cleaning services we provide, Scarborough Hood Cleaning also offers a wide range of additional services to keep your property in perfect condition!


At Scarborough Hood Cleaning we aspire to be the best cleaning company in the Scarborough region. We believe that the key to success is high quality and efficient service with affordable prices.

Our cleaners are carefully selected and trained to meet all your cleaning demands, to provide a high quality service at an affordable price. Additionally, we offer you flexible booking hours so that we can fit in our cleaning services according to your schedule.