Disinfect / Sanitize Commercial Kitchens Scarborough

Disinfect / Sanitize Commercial Kitchens Scarborough

Do you own or manage a commercial kitchen? If so, are you aware of the risks for foodborne illnesses that come with having an unclean kitchen? The truth is, these risks are very real and can have devastating consequences. Disinfecting kitchens after every use will help reduce the risk of illness in your customers; it’s also cheaper than paying fines due to not following health codes. Our team at Scarborough Hood Cleaning provides full-service commercial cleaning services such as thorough disinfection/sanitization. Call us today!

Get rid of the odor and germs in your commercial kitchen

Before you can get back to cooking up your next culinary masterpiece, you’ll need a commercial kitchen that is free of germs and odors. Scarborough Hood Cleaning has been the best in the business for years and we know all there is to know about cleaning out kitchens so that they are ready for their next use. Our knowledgeable staff will come into your kitchen, test it for odor levels, make any necessary repairs needed, clean every inch thoroughly until no more dirt or grime can be found and then sanitize everything with bleach before leaving. Give us a call today at 647-370-3454 for an estimate!

Committed to quality and service

Scarborough Hood Cleaning employs an expert staff to clean commercial kitchens in Ontario and the surrounding areas.  Our staff is committed to providing only the best and most thorough service for our clients.

We use only advanced equipment to disinfect and sanitize your commercial kitchen.   We offer a variety of cleaning packages to suit your needs. Contact us today for more information or get our estimate quote on the phone!

Sanitizing Kitchen Equipment

Sanitizing commercial kitchen equipment is an important part of the daily routine for restaurant staff. Commercial kitchens are one of the most high-risk areas in a restaurant, as they have a large volume of employees who all come into contact with food every day. Sanitation procedures must be followed closely to prevent cross-contamination and ensure that your customers get safe food items to eat! To learn more about how our team of experts can help your restaurant or other commercial kitchen stay up-to-date with their extensive list of safety standards call us today at 647-370-3454!


We are Scarborough Hood Cleaning, and we provide you with a range of services. With our help, you can give your business the cleaning it needs to make it feel like new again. We do everything from light dusting to deep scrubbing and polishing floors all while protecting your furniture and other belongings.  You don’t have to worry about keeping up on this task any longer because we’ll be able to take care of that for you. Call today!


Do you need your commercial property cleaned? Scarborough Hood Cleaning is a reliable and trustworthy company that specializes in cleaning any type of commercial property. 

Our team is not only highly trained but also follows a strict safety protocol to keep our environment safe at all times.  This protocol is further followed by regular checks on our staff. No matter how big or small your job may be, we can handle it for you! We offer unbeatable prices and excellent service to keep you happy. Contact us today for a quote.